Chef’s Table FAQs

What is a Chef’s Table?
A Chef’s Table is a coursed menu prepared by Chef Nicholas Arnold, CEC and the FEAST team that consists of reception with canapės followed by a six-course tasting menu reflective of seasonal, local and best in class ingredients.
Will everyone dine at separate tables?
We have two options available on a first-come, first-served basis. There are three private (2 person) tables available for our Chef’s Table evening. There are also 12 seats available at our large “family” table. Based on availability, you can choose to sit separately from the family table, for a more intimate experience, or get to know others at the family table as you dine!
Six Courses?!! That seems like a lot!! Why so much food??

A Chef’s table consists of a “tasting portions” menu consisting of the following:

  • Reception featuring Seasonal Canapés allowing everyone the opportunity to get to know each other.
  • Amuse Bouche
  • Three Savory Dishes
  • Dessert
  • Mignardises
  • Coffee

A Chef’s table should be the same amount of cuisine you would normally enjoy but it is extended over 6 courses so each guest is able to experience many more flavors and ingredients without sacrificing due to a large portion of one.

What in the world is an Amuse Bouche or a Mignardises?

Amuse Bouche is a small bite “dedicated to entertaining your mouth.”

Mignardises are “tiny sweets” at the conclusion of dinner, served with coffee after dessert.

Is this a restaurant?

While Daily Baking Company IS a restaurant FEAST is not. This is a “culinary partnership” based on uncommon
synergy and connectivity.

Who does the service charge benefit?

A 17% service charge is added to your bill to ensure fair, equitable wages, and benefits for all FEAST associates.

What is the cancellation policy?
Tickets are NON-refundable. Due to the nature of pre-ordering and reserving fresh ingredients (sometimes prior to their harvest!), we are unable to refund your purchase, however will honor your purchase with a one-time ability to reschedule your reservations for a different date when available.
Can I purchase a whole table?

As many as you like – Tickets will be announced days prior to them being open.

What is the recommended dress code?

Business casual to elegant – no ripped jeans or ballcaps.

What else is Feast up to?

We are excited bring the Cedarburg community several offerings! Along with our Chef’s Tables, we have weekend street food available and are offering private catering services with more fun, food, and community events on the horizon! We want Feast to be known across our region for bringing Local, Delicious, and Exquisite cuisine to all!

Can I see the menu before deciding to make a reservation?
We try to release the menu a week prior to our event. So at times, yes, you are able to see the menu before booking. However, it is not always possible due to our intentional selection of local and fresh ingredients. You also run the risk of the event selling out before you secure your tickets. Please reach out to Chef Nicholas if you are wanting any insight into the menu prior to your booking!