FEAST Chef’s Table
by Chef Nicholas

Join us in an intimate setting for canapés followed by a six-course tasting menu reflective of seasonal, local, and best-in-class ingredients.

Limited seating, up to only 18 guests per event.

What is a Chef’s Table?

A Chef’s table traditionally consists of a “tasting portions” menu with the following courses:

Amuse Bouche
Three Savory Dishes

A Chef’s table should be the same amount of cuisine you would normally enjoy but it is extended over 6 courses so each guest is able to experience many more flavors and ingredients without sacrificing due to a large portion of one.

Reception at 6PM featuring seasonal canapés. This one-hour reception allows everyone the opportunity to get to know each other.

The six-course dinner begins and 7PM and will end by 9PM.

We’ve partnered with Free AF to include non-alcoholic beverage pairings for the entirety of your evening.

Current Menu

Feast Chefs Table June 8


Chef Nicholas strives to curate as many ingredients he can source locally to support our local farms and artisans. He will also select certain items that are “best in class” from around the United States.

These exceptional ingredients are derived from a long-trusted group of farmers and artisans that Chef has taken with him in his travels at multiple award winning hotels and private clubs. These ingredients and those responsible for their production are the cornerstone of Chef’s background. From Carr Valley and Hook’s cheeses to Foley Fish, Chef wants you to know where your food comes from and why it is important!

Using simple but meticulously sourced ingredients paired with “uncommon technique” the FEAST team prepares this one of a kind Chef’s Table in the comfortable setting of The Daily Baking Company in Port Washington, Wisconsin. Where every seat is a window seat!

FEAST Chef’s Table is a dining experience with each part of your tasting carefully planned. Please arrive at The Daily Baking Company on time in order to mingle and enjoy additional delicious and exquisite canapés prior to taking your seat for the sit down portion of the experience!